Top Reasons to Join Hotel Memberships Even When You’re Not A Frequent Traveller

What are the Benefits of Joining a Hotel Membership?

Are you thinking about joining a hotel membership, but think that it only benefits frequent travellers? Then think again! Sure, being a member of a hotel membership program does give you the opportunity to get discounts each time you stay at the hotel but there are other benefits, too.

The benefits of joining a hotel membership are endless. As a member, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits and special, one-of-a-kind offers only for members, and so much more. Joining a hotel membership gives you some valuable benefits that could help you save money in the long run.

Top Reasons to Join Hotel Memberships Even When You’re Not A Frequent Traveller

Signing up for hotel memberships means you’ll have access to the best rates and perks all the time. You often don’t have to search around for deals on random hotels. Here are the benefits of joining a hotel membership even when you’re not a frequent traveller-

Instant Benefits & Rewards – If you are signing up for perks-based programs then chances are high that it’ll give you instant benefits like discounts on room stays, discounts on food & beverages, complimentary spa treatments and more. Since these programs require an annual membership fee, you can sign up at any time of the year and access perks throughout the year – even if you’re not travelling frequently.

Exclusive offers and deals – Hotels are now going the extra mile to ensure that their customers have an exceptional and customized experience. One way they do this is by offering exclusive discounts & perks to their member.

Some of these perks may include early check-in and late check-out, discounts on group dining, complimentary cake and wine for special occasions, complimentary night stays complimentary or discounted spa treatments and more.

Exclusive Member Benefits – If you want to feel pampered and extra special every time you travel, hotel memberships are your best bet. Members of a hotel loyalty program will be the first to know about special offers, events and new hotel openings. This way, you are able to get exclusive discounts on your stay.

It’s got to be said, the benefits of a hotel rewards program are certainly worth it. You’ll receive VIP treatment, upgraded services and more with each visit. So, things like having chocolates and cards when you check in first, as well as access to a club lounge really do make a difference when it comes to booking an unforgettable stay.

Discounts on Food & Beverages – As a member, you’ll often find special deals on restaurants and other services offered by hotels. These deals come in the form of either complimentary breakfast or discounts. As a member, you get access to a membership card which gives you some amazing discounts and deals on food, beverages and more.

Top Hotel In Mumbai With the Best Membership Options for Saving Money

Four Points by Sheraton is located in the heart of India’s business hub, Navi Mumbai. Four Points offers an amazing experience because of their unparalleled service, the finest amenities and elegant accommodations. Whether you want to travel in style or feel comfortable, Four Points is perfect for you!

Four Points Hotels provides a seamless and enjoyable experience, with world-class food and drinks as well as top-notch amenities. The team at Four Points never disappoints – ensuring an unsurpassed experience, whether you are visiting on a business trip, romantic night, or family vacation.

Experience the sophistication of a luxurious stay with us. We have complimentary Wi-Fi, deluxe amenities and views of different city skylines, creeks or pools. If you want to take advantage of the luxury hotel stays, customized service, dinner and breakfast buffets at Four Points, for an unbeatable price then Club Four Points Membership is the best way to go!

Why Sign Up for Club Four Points Membership? The Benefits of Joining The Program!

Club Four Points is a membership program that provides guests with discounts on the amenities of Four Points by Sheraton. It’s exclusive for people who want to enjoy their services, but don’t want to pay a high price for everything that’s included.

Four Points is an upscale, high-end hotel that offers a wide range of exclusive amenities to its guests. If you are a member of Club Four Points, you have access to all these benefits at a much lower cost. There are two different membership plans – Gold and Platinum Membership.

Gold Membership – Enjoy your staycation with Gold, our base level Membership. Enjoy two nights complimentary, two buffet meal certificates, discounts of up to 50% on food and beverages, and so much more – it’s totally worth it.

Platinum Membership – Our bestselling Platinum Membership includes big savings and extraordinary value for money. Enjoy benefits better than all hotel memberships in Mumbai! Enjoy three complimentary nights, three complimentary buffet meals (valid on Sunday Brunch), a 50% discount on dining, and a whole lot more.

Gold members have access to 21 high-value certificates and Platinum members have access to 24 high-value certificates. Some of the benefits at Club Four Points include –

1) Complimentary Night Stay With Breakfast

As a Club Four Points member, you get to enjoy a selection of great perks, one of which is complimentary night stays. Get 2 certificates in Gold Level and 3 certificates in Platinum Level. You can use this benefit any time, except for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and dates of very high occupancy expectations.

The benefits of being a member of Club Four Points are immeasurable. Members also have the option to upgrade their stay experience, if they choose to do so they can pay the difference and upgrade their complimentary stay to an Executive Suite. The difference in price can range anywhere from INR 2,000 to INR 5,000 depending on the suite experience you choose.

2) Buy one Night, Get the Second one Complimentary

This is a fantastic deal that only the members of Club Four Points are able to take advantage of! Whether you’re a gold or platinum level member, this offer is your chance to save on your stay at Four Points.

Members can now book one night and get a complimentary night’s stay. Enjoy two certificates for the Gold and Platinum levels. You can use this benefit any time except for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and dates of very high occupancy expectations.

Enjoy a weekend getaway to Four Points by Sheraton, Navi Mumbai. This property is perfectly suited for friends, families, and vacationers alike. It is also perfect for anyone in need of a stopover during their travels.

3) Buy a Room at Half-Price on Weekends

Planning a weekend getaway in Mumbai? Sign up for Club Four Points membership so you can enjoy the special deals on weekends! As a member, you get the benefit of booking rooms at 50% off on weekends. Use our weekend use vouchers and enjoy great savings on your next stay with us!

With a Club Four Points membership, you can enjoy rooms at half the price on weekends! Get 3 certificates in Gold and 3 in Platinum membership: just pay the half price on ANY room category, no questions asked. These vouchers can be used by you or your friends & family members.

4) Buy a Room at a 30% discount – Any Day

Not just at weekends Club Four Points members get rooms at a 30% discount even on weekdays. You can enjoy 3 certificates for a 30% discount on both Gold and Platinum level.

Simply book the rooms at a 30% discount on any room category, no questions asked, and enjoy the luxuries and amenities at super discounted rates.

5) Complimentary Buffet Meal for two

Another significant offer for Club Four Points members is the complimentary buffet meal for two. Get 2 certificates for Gold Membership and 3 certificates for Platinum Membership.

We offer complimentary buffets for our breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. There are no hotels in Mumbai that offer these certificates on Sunday Brunch. The membership is the most flexible & easy to use among all hotels in Mumbai.

6) Group Celebration

You can host any type of party like a birthday, anniversary or get-together at Four Points by Sheraton. Take advantage of the group celebration certificates, If you’re looking for discounts on food & drinks to make your next event more memorable.

Your Club Four Points membership allows you to get 50% off your food bill, 20% off your beverages. Plan your next event with us by taking advantage of 4 certificates, both at Gold and Platinum levels. Valid on all meals except Sunday brunch.

7) Other Benefits

Some of the other benefits of Club Four Points membership are these:

Complimentary Cake– Enjoy a complimentary 1 kg cake with your stay at Four Points, all you need to do is order it 24 hours in advance. Get 1 certificate in Gold Membership and 2 certificates in Platinum Membership.

Complimentary use of swimming pool – You can enjoy 2 certificates for using the swimming pool at Four Points for 2 hours. This certificate is valid for a family of 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 12, regardless of whether they are staying overnight or not.

Complimentary use of gym– Enjoy 2 certificates for complimentary use of the gym at the hotel for 1 continuous week.

8) Card Benefits

With a Club Four Points membership card, you will be able to enjoy some amazing food and beverage benefits! These include

Card Benefits on Food, Unlimited times in a year

  • 50% discount on dinner for 2
  • 30% discount on a dinner for 3
  • 40% discount on dinner for 4
  • 20% discount if you have more than 5 guests or up to 20 guests

Enjoy a 20% discount on the following:

  • All Beverages
  • Room Service
  • All orders at Wrapped.
  • Sunday Brunch (Up to 20 guests)
  • Best Available Rate of Rooms (All Categories) (For Members and their Guests)
  • Spa services

Members Day – Celebrate being a member at club four points every Tuesday – Get 30% off food and 50% off beverages for up to 10 guests.

Consider Joining a Hotel Membership Today!

It’s now clear to you that guests who sign up for a hotel membership are likely to benefit from the numerous benefits it has. You might not be a frequent traveller, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy the luxury of staying at 5-star hotels for discounted rates.

Guest satisfaction is our priority here at Four Points because we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service consistently. In an exclusive program like that of Club Four Points, you enjoy a range of perks such as complimentary night stays, room upgrades, discounts and a whole lot more.

Club Four Points members feel favoured and valued by Four Points’ state-of-the-art service. If you are looking for more than the average hotel experience, check out Four Points. Register for Club Four Points today and we’ll help you save during your stay!

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