Best Tricks to Save Money on Food and Stay in Mumbai

5 Top Tricks to Save Money on Food and Stay in Mumbai

It can be hard to find deals nowadays, so people either pay more or resort to looking for deals. Mumbai is one of the best cities in India and its tourism industry is thriving. It has many 5-star hotels which are of great value.

Luxury hotels are an experience worth having. However, high prices can sometimes be a deterrent. Luckily, you can enjoy lavish hotels within your budget. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can find great deals on hotel stays and dining in Mumbai-

Tip 1 – Check Hotel’s Website & Newsletter for Promotions

Hotels constantly promote their hotel on their website and on social media. If you are looking for your next destination to stay in, check out the latest promotions they have to offer at the moment.

Another way to get good deals is through hotel newsletters. You might want to sign up for a hotel newsletter so you can stay updated with all the discounts and promotions they offer. Hotels typically offer special discounts and promotions and you have the chance to get an advantage for being their newsletter subscriber.

Tip 2 – Travel During Off-Season

The off-season is the perfect time for you to save some bucks. While hotels may still be expensive during the low season, there are usually large discounts, so it’s a good time for a vacation. Hence, try planning your vacation during the off-season instead of peak travel times.

Tip 3 – Find Coupons & Deals Online

You can find discount hotels on various booking websites which offer coupons and promo codes. Booking websites like,, and Expedia allow you to find competitive rates for your hotel stay.

Tip 4 – Get a Discount Through Hotel Membership

It’s easy to find a discounted hotel online, but it can be difficult to find one with quality. That’s why many people sign up for loyalty programs with their favorite hotels. To save money on your next hotel booking, do some research before you book to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Hotel loyalty programs are undoubtedly a great way to save money. You can learn about the benefits of your favorite hotel and calculate how much you can save on a regular basis. It’s never been easier to get a discount with hotel memberships!

Hotel Memberships – Best Way To Get Huge Savings On Food & Stay At 5-Star Hotels

A hotel loyalty program is one of the most effective ways to increase visitor retention and provide incentives for guests to return. These programs generally offer rewards points or discounts and are designed to make customers feel seen and valued while they stay with you.

Joining a hotel membership means you get to enjoy all kinds of privileges, including discounts and more. Not just that, you would also save time and effort with hotel memberships because you can find quality hotel deals in a matter of seconds.

Signing up to be a hotel member is the key to enjoying all their perks, like getting discounted food and drinks or booking rates. You’ll also get access to special, members-only privileges that are unavailable to anyone else.

Four Points By Sheraton, Navi Mumbai, Vashi – Top Hotel To Stay & Dine in Mumbai

At Four Points by Sheraton, Navi Mumbai, Vashi you’ll find unparalleled service and very high standards of comfort. It’s the perfect hotel for travelers looking to travel luxuriously. Four Points by Sheraton is located in Navi Mumbai, right in the city center.

Every room at Four Points has a great view and is designed to provide you with exceptional comfort. You’ll get amazing city views, a creek or pool view.

Four Points is committed to providing a seamless experience with food and drinks best in the industry, as well as top-of-the-line amenities. The hotel provides unmatched luxury with delicious stay and dining for all occasions, including business trips, romantic nights, or family vacations.

Club Four Points – Offering Benefits & Discounts Unlike Any Other Hotel Membership In Mumbai

Four Points is an upscale, high-end hotel. It’s a great place to stay when you’re traveling with friends and family. If you are a member of Club Four Points, then you can enjoy exclusive amenities. Enjoy hotel discounts, discounts on food and beverages, and other great offers when you sign up for our hotel membership

We offer two different types of hotel membership subscriptions in Navi Mumbai and Vashi. Join the Gold or Platinum membership and enjoy unbeatable rates on stays with us. You won’t find a better deal anywhere!

Platinum Membership

Our Platinum membership offers incredible value. You will enjoy our discounted rates, great deals, and exclusive opportunities. We also provide high-quality facilities and offer great prices for what we offer. Some perks of our Platinum membership are that you get 3 complimentary nights’ stay, 3 complimentary buffet meals, and much more!

Gold Membership

Save all year long with our well-priced rates. For the best value when staying, be sure to choose our Gold Membership for the most benefits. This Membership comes with two complimentary nights in the hotel, two buffet meals, and a 50% discount on food and beverages.

By joining Club Four Points, you’ll get discounted food, drinks, and a hotel stay. You’ll also get other privileges that are only available to club members. Gold members have access to 21 high-value certificates and Platinum members have access to 24 high-value certificates. Some of the benefits at Club Four Points include –

Complimentary Night Stay with Breakfast

As a Club Four Points member, you can enjoy complimentary night stays at Four Points hotel and make the most of your stay. Get 2 certificates in Gold Membership and 3 certificates in Platinum Membership.

The hotel boasts an array of facilities to suit all travelers – from families to couples. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway with friends or simply want a quiet, relaxing break with loved ones, the hotel has something for everyone. The only exception to these certificates are dates where there are high occupancy rates on holidays like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and certain other occasions.

Buy one Night, Get the Second one Complimentary

Planning a staycation? Unwind in style with Club Four Points. If you buy 1 night’s stay, get a 2nd night complimentary! Platinum and Gold members enjoy two certificates each on this offer.

Stop by Four Points by Sheraton this weekend for some fun and excitement. The property offers a lot of activities that are perfect for all ages. Bring your friends or family with you to have a blast!

Buy a Room at Half-Price on Weekends

Club Four Points offers members rooms at half the price on weekends. You get 3 certificates with Gold membership and 3 with Platinum membership. You can use this exciting offer to enjoy a 50% discount on any of our room categories.

Buy a Room at 30% Discount – Any Day

Not just on weekends, Members get discounts on room bookings any day of the week. Book a stay any day and save up to 30% using your membership at Club Four Points. Get 3 certificates in Gold and 3 in Platinum membership.

Complimentary Buffet Meal for two

Members of the Club Four Points enjoy a complimentary buffet meal for 2 people. Get 2 certificates for Gold Membership and 3 certificates for Platinum Membership. You can take advantage of our complimentary buffets available for all of our meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.

Discount on Group Celebrations

Four Points by Sheraton offers a number of amenities, plus discounts on food and beverage for special occasions. Our membership discounts provide our members with 50% off on food and 20% off on beverages at their next event or celebration at Four Points by Sheraton.

Four Points is a great place to hold any kind of event. We offer 4 certificates on our Gold and Platinum Membership, which can be redeemed on any occasion except for Sunday brunches.

Other Benefits

Here are some of the other benefits of Club Four Points Membership-

Complimentary Cake– Enjoy a complimentary1 kg cake with your stay at Four Points Hotel, all you need to do is order it 24 hours in advance. With Gold membership, get 1 certificate and with Platinum membership, get 2 certificates.

Complimentary use of swimming pool – You can enjoy 2 certificates for using the swimming pool at Four Points for 2 hours. This certificate is valid for a family of 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 12, regardless of whether they are staying overnight or not.

Complimentary use of gym– Enjoy 2 certificates for complimentary use of the gym at the hotel for 1 continuous week.

Card Benefits

When you are a Club Four Points member, you are able to enjoy many perks including food and beverage discounts! These include:

Card Benefits on Food, Unlimited times in a year

  • 50% discount on dinner for 2
  • 30% discount on a dinner for 3
  • 40% discount on dinner for 4
  • 20% discount if you have more than 5 guests or up to 20 guests

Enjoy a 20% discount on the following:

All Beverages

  • Room Service
  • All orders at Wrapped.
  • Sunday Brunch (Up to 20 guests)
  • Best Available Rate of Rooms (All Categories) (For Members and their Guests)

Spa services

Members Day – Celebrate being a member at club four points every Tuesday – Get 30% off food and 50% off beverages for up to 10 guests.

Club Four Points offers exclusive hotel benefits and services. With an annual membership, you can enjoy discounts for your next stay in Mumbai. Sign up today to take advantage of these exclusive offers.

You Can Save Money On Your Food and Stay in Mumbai with These Tricks

Planning a vacation can be tricky with so many details to take into account. There are hundreds of things to consider and the list keeps going on and on. We’ve put together a list of 4 tips for you that will help save money and get the best deals on hotels in Mumbai.

There are many ways to save money on a hotel stay – including looking for promotional offers and booking during the off-season. However, the easiest way to get guaranteed access to discounted rates is to purchase a membership.

A hotel membership can save you a lot of money and is perfect if you want to get regular discounts or offers. Join Club Four Points and enjoy luxury at an affordable price. You won’t find this kind of quality anywhere else for the price in Mumbai.

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